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Welcome to Velocity Hosting

Q: Who are the people at Velocity Hosting?
     A: People with the commitment to serve their clients with the reliability, knowledge and service they expect, want and can count on.
Q: What is Velocity Hosting?
     A: A company that knows that speed and dependability is needed to surive in todays vast market of websites.
Q: Why Velocity Hosting is your best hosting solution?
     A: We deliver all that you are looking for in a hosting company. Fast connections, dependable servers and the knowledge needed to put it all together.

Apache Web Server


Working on a high speed Verio and Global Crossing networks with quality Pentium  and Sparc servers, Velocity Hosting provides screaming fast but very affordable webhosting. From the largest of adult websites to the smallest personal site we have what you need. Open_ssl
Virtual Hosting Plans from 5gigs transfer/25megs of disk space to 500gigs transfer/1gig disk space packaged with full webcontrol, PHP, Mysql, ASP, and much more Dedicated Servers offer the freedom and control of your own server with the amount of bandwidth you need.


Plesk Web Control  and Webmin control gives you full control over your account, with domain, email, mysql database and more. All in a easy to use web interface.

Customer Service is available 24/7 with our Online Support Ticket System, ICQ-, Email and phone. Giving you many options to get your questions answered.

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